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Orders with Two

Why am I receiving invoices from Two and not the seller?

Find out why invoices are sent by Two and not your seller.

How to obtain payment-related information

Two's support team is well-equipped and ready to assist you with any questions related to payments, invoices, or other financial matters. Find out how.

I have no PDF file for my invoice, where can I find it?

Find out where you can find your PDF invoice and how to download it.

I paid my invoice, why am I still receiving reminders to pay?

Learn why you’re still receiving reminders despite paying your invoice

How do I pay my invoice?

Have you received an invoice from Two after using our payment solution? Find out more information on how to pay the invoice here.

Why do I need to verify and how does verification work?

It's important to verify your business when purchasing for your protection. Understand why we do this and the steps you need to take.

The invoice has the wrong details, can this be edited?

If you've provided the wrong invoice details when purchasing. No need to worry! Fixing it is easy! Learn how to fix the mistake here.

I have product questions, should I contact Two or the Merchant?

Do you have Product related questions? Find out more information on who to contact depending on what the issue is.

I seem to have paid the Merchant and not Two, what can I do?

If you've accidentally paid the merchant instead of Two. No need to worry! Fixing it is easy! Learn how to fix the mistake here.

I seem to be missing some invoices

Discovered that a few of your invoices seem to have gone missing? Don't worry, we're here to help. Learn how to find them here.

Something went wrong when buying, how do I know if I managed to buy or not?

Are you a Buyer and something went wrong when purchasing with Two? Find out if your purchase was processed correctly or not here.

I need my order refunded, what can I do?

If you're a Buyer seeking a refund for an order, Two can unfortunately not assist. Learn how to request a refund here.